TCX Match-Bait Guard

Why spend hard-earned cash on new thermals etc. and then plaster them with smelly residues?
Available in Blue and Green!


Made from top grade waterproof materials, the TCX MATCH Bait Guard gives your clothing the protection it deserves from both bait odour and fish slime.

With large, useful pockets in all the right places, contact with your clothing can be kept to a minimum. It`s so versatile that it can be worn over your fishing suit in the depths of winter and is still ideal to wear over a T-shirt through the summer months.

The wipe-down panel on the pouch pocket allows you to bait-up and unhook fish from a seated position whilst protecting your lap area and the handy adjustable loop on the waist strap means your towel is always nearby to wipe away any mess.

Lightweight and compact, the TCX MATCH Bait Guard takes up little space and can easily stored within your angling luggage.baitguard1


*Top Pocket for Match Card etc.

*Smock Style Hand Pockets.

*Large “Kangeroo” Pouch Pocket.

*Waterproof and Washable.

*Large Wipe-Down Panel.

*Adjustable, Lightweight, Smart and Functional.

*Designed by a Match Angler

RRP £19.99 (one size fits all)

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